A complete explanation of the Polis vision and purpose.
The Olympus Network on Polis Chain uses POLIS as its core asset. And it serves as the base token for any process that takes place on the chain.
On the Polis Chain you can.
  • Send and receive POLIS.
  • Stake your tokens to create or support a validator.
  • Interact with tokens, tokenized assets and NFTs deployed on the Polis Chain.
  • Bridge tokens from other networks.
  • Participate in projects deployed over the network that can range from token farming on Decentralized Exchange, to
If you are a developer
  • Explore blockchain information and use it to build apps and services.
  • Build and deploy smart contract based technologies such as Dapps, DeFi protocols, tokenized assets, NFTs and any great idea you may come up with.
  • ​Run a full node to listen to and broadcast live updates on transactions, blocks, and consensus activities.