BSC Tokens Bridge

We have partnered with the amazing team at meter.io to provide a bridge that will allow Olympus users to bridge top assets like BTCB, ETH, DAI and CAKE from the Binance Smart Chain into Olympus and vice versa. This will allow users to participate in the different Dapps of the Olympus ecosystem by bringing the assets they already own from other platforms.

Supported Coins

The following coins are supported by both the meter.io Passport platform and the Olympus network. Please note that this list is meant to expand over time.
Source Network
Source Network Address
Olympus Network Address
Binance Smart Chain
Binance Smart Chain
Binance Smart Chain
Binance Smart Chain

Using the Bridge

To use the bridge you will have to head to the bridge at meter.io and connect the app to your Metamask wallet and account.
For the purpose of this guide we will be migrating DAI from the Binance Smart Chain into the Olympus Network on Polis Chain. The Binance Smart Chain will be referred to as the source network and Polis as the destination network from now on.
Make sure your source network is selected at the top of your Metamask wallet.
On the From section on the bridge form select the asset you wish to bridge, in this case it will be DAI.bsc. You will notice your balance for that asset will be updated just below the amount field. Add the amount you want to bridge in this section.
The network in this section should be updated automatically when you switch your Metamask network. Double check they match.
In the To section of the form select your destination network. Polis in this case for bridging to the Olympus network.
You will be shown the amount you will receive. If you click on the Metamask icon the coin configuration will also be added to your Metamask wallet.
The bridge allows you to bridge funds into a different address. If you want them to remain at the same wallet leave the option below checked, if you wish to migrate into a different address uncheck it and add the desired address.
You will be shown the bridge transfer fee at the bottom of the form, this is a fee charged by the service and goes on top of the funds you wish to move and the blockchain fee.
When everything is set up correctly, hit the Start Transfer button and confirm the dialog presented by the platform.
If it is your first time bridging a particular asset, Metamask will prompt you to allow the contract to spend your coins. This is normal, and once you agree and a transaction is broadcasted you will be able to continue with the guide.
Then you will be prompted by Metamask to confirm the bridging transaction, once youconfirm this, just wait for the page to refresh, the movement will be completed when the meter.io validators have approved the transaction. If you click on the View transaction button you will be taken to the transaction information on the destination network.
By this point you will have migrated your assets correctly, happy Dapping on the Polis Chain!