Polis Bridge

Binance Smart Chain BEP20 POLIS to Olympus Bridge.


  • Have your POLIS stored inside Metamask.
  • You will need a bit of BNB in the same wallet you intend to migrate to cover the costs of a couple of transactions.
  • You can add Olympus configuration to Metamask by heading into the faucet. Selecting Olympus and pressing on the Connect button.
  • Understand the bridge has some limits in the amounts you can migrate per day.
    • Minimum of 10 POLIS per transaction.
    • Maximum of 50,000 POLIS per transaction.
    • Daily limit of 100,000 POLIS per address (two 50,000 POLIS transactions).

Migrating from Binance Smart Chain into Olympus

Migrating BEP20 POLIS (Binance Smart Chain POLIS) into the Olympus Network.
Head into the bridge home page. Click on connect wallet and select Metamask, allowing access only to the wallets you intend to migrate.
Make sure the current bridge is as Binance Smart Chain -> Olympus. If it is not showing that value you can change it by changing the network using the highlighted button in the top right.
Then select POLIS as a token. Add the amount you intend to migrate manually or select the max button to migrate all of your funds (see applicable limits).
If it is the first time you are using the bridge you need to approve the bridge to spend your POLIS. A blue Approve POLIS button will show up. Click it and sign the transaction when the Metamask prompt appears. Execute the transaction and wait for it to confirm, after a couple seconds, the bridge will update and allow you to select the bridge button. If it does not refresh automatically after a couple minutes, please manually refresh your window, and you should now only see the Bridge button.
Approve POLIS button
This transaction is only performed once, the first time you use the bridge. If you only see the bridge button it means you have already done this procedure.
Metamask sign transaction for approve prompt.
The last step is to select the Bridge button, this will ask you to confirm a new transaction inside Metamask. Sign and confirm it.
After it is confirmed wait anywhere from a couple seconds to a couple minutes and you should see the balance added to your Olympus account at the Official Olympus Explorer or inside Metamask, by switching to the Olympus Network if you added it as explained in the requirements section.
If after some time has passed you have not received your coins on the Olympus network, please join our Discord server, the support team will be happy to help you there.