OpenEthereum RPC Node

Instructions to run an OpenEthereum RPC Node for the Polis Chain


  • docker
  • docker-compose
RPC Nodes (OpenEthereum and Nethermind) are exposed to the web over the JSON-RPC interface. It is not safe to use them to store funds.
RPC Nodes come with all APIs exposed and are configured to be archived nodes.

Download the source files

The official scripts repository is hosted in
Clone the repository:
git clone && cd polis-chains

Starting the node instance

To start the node simply write in the command line.
docker-compose -f docker/olympus/rpc-oe.yml up

Stopping the validator instance

To stop the validator instance once the docker-compose command is executed you must simply close de session or send a finish signal with CTRL+C

Run the validator in the background

To run a validator process in the background the recommended tool is to use the screen command.
To do so, simply type screen in the command line interface and execute the docker-compose command above.
Once the validator is initialized simply use CTRL+A and then click the letter D to detach the instance.
To re-attach the instance simply type the command screen -x