How to Stake?

📹 Video Guide

Community Manager Hans has created a video guide on how to utilize the Staking Dapp on his YouTube Channel. In case you prefer the written guide, it will follow below.
The video guide was created using the testnet, but the process should be the exact same on the Olympus Mainnet.

🏁 Requirements

Have you Metamask wallet configured and with the Olympus Network Configuration, and 1,000 POLIS or more.

📖 Guide

Metamask login button inside the Staking Dapp
  • Locate the validator you want to support and click on the stake button.
  • A dialog will prompt you to introduce the amount of Polis you will stake, it will also display your participation in the pool. Upon hitting the Place Stake button you will be requested to sign a transaction, once it is confirmed you funds will be accounted to start staking the next epoch.