Connecting to the Network

Connect to Olympus and start playing around.

Installing Metamask

Metamask is the easiest way of interacting with the Polis Ecosystem on Polis Chain. You can get it as a browser extension on PC or download it to your mobile device on iOS and Android.
You can then create a wallet inside the Metamask application. If you have any problems setting up your wallet consider reading the article below.
Once your Metamask wallet is ready, you can follow any of the guides below, there's a one-click method and a more transparent one, choose the one you prefer..

The Simple Way

You can add Olympus or Sparta information to Metamask by heading into the project's official faucet.
Remember Olympus is the mainnet, for most use cases this is the network you want to use. Only add Sparta if you know what you are doing and intend to use test POLIS (tPOLIS).
Just select the network you want to add, the website will prompt you to select the wallet of your preference, in this case it is Metamask, and confirm the network addition and switch.
If everything is correct, you should now be able of switching networks by clicking on the network selector on the top of Metamask. There should be a list of the available networks containing the Olympus or Sparta networks among Ethereum and other chains you may have added.

Manually Adding the Network

Here you will add the network parameters manually to Metamask, in case you want to verify you are connecting to the right network.
  • Tab on your account picture on the top right inside Metamask.
  • Go into Settings > Networks >Add Network
  • You will be requested to fill the network data, you will find it below for both Olympus Mainnet and Sparta Testnet.
Olympus Network
Sparta Network
Network Name
Chain ID
Currency Symbol
Block Explorer URL
Network Name
Chain ID
Currency Symbol
Block Explorer URL
Once you have finished this, you will be able to interact with the Polis Chain from Metamask.