The reward distribution and token emissions for the Polis Project.
Polis features a variable emission rate. This means the amount of newly emitted coins is proportional to the amount of coins being staked within an epoch. The annual inflation rate is set at 10%, meaning the annual emission of Polis will be of 10% of the average total staked amount. If during a year the average epoch staked amount is 8,000,000 POLIS, the total emission of POLIS for the year will be 800,000 POLIS. You can see the total amount being staked for the current epoch here.
Maximum Supply
25,000,000 POLIS
Fixed Annual Inflation Rate
Block Time
5 seconds
As the total staked amount can and will change every week, it is hard to calculate precisely when the token will reach its maximum supply. Having said that, the developer team has estimated it for emissions to last over at least ten years.

Reward Distribution

From that amount of coins, 20% goes to the community treasury and the remaining 80% is given to validators and stakers as a reward. Validators are guaranteed to receive at least 50% of the reward of their staking pool, and the remaining rewards are given to stakers proportionally to their participation in their staking pool.
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