The treasury is the backbone of community proposals in Polis. It will help you fund any project that the community believes will make the Polis Project better.
The treasury is a special address that stores community funds in Polis, obtained from protocol emissions (it is also possible for community members to donate funds), that is meant to fund Polis focused projects that help the project grow and thrive. These projects can take a lot of shapes, from deploying a new decentralized apps (Dapps) on the Olympus Network, to community proposals for meetups and events.
The Polis Treasury consists of the Agora smart contract, currently owned by the DAO Multisignature address. At the end of every epoch the contract gets funded via the deposit function.
​Anyone can request funds from the treasury via the Olympus Snapshot Governance, but the fact that the DAO owns the Agora smart contract means that once the funds have been approved via the voting on the Snapshot space, the DAO has to send the funds via the fund function to the specified address.
Treasury gets funded with 20% of new token emissions, as explained on the tokenomics section.